What documents do I have to provide?

What documents do I have to provide?

What documents do I have to provide?

Alternatively, it may have been a small oversight such as having the wrong due date in your calendar for your car registration. Maybe you’ve been tracking along just fine with your finances but then your fridge, or washing machine broke down.

Another common occurrence is a renovation that goes over budget. Maybe you need extra material to keep the project running on time.

Another example is not wanting to say no to exciting opportunities. These situations may require funds right away, and would save you money long term. For example, something like a big discount on flights. Or a special offer on accommodation for that overseas holiday you had planned, for instance.

If you need money fast, you may have considered your credit card but had concerns about remembering to make repayments. But, while the appeal of this instant cash option can be tempting, cash advances on credit cards can be expensive. Alternatively, asking to borrow from family or friends may not be possible.

So, if you require cash today, a small online cash loan with instant loan approval might be an option worth https://paydayloanstennessee.com/cities/dyer/ considering.

Will I get approved?

Fast approval for a loan requires just a few things. Initially, you will need to show that you are an Australian resident over 18 years old, employed (or receiving regular income), and have that income paid regularly to your bank account.

On a side note, applications for cash loans will usually consider your credit history, and bad credit may prevent us from being able to approve payday advance loans in some circumstances.

We do try to take into consideration all of the different factors in your application. If you have a bad credit rating but we can see that you meet all of the other lending criteria, we will do our best to approve your application. In this way we can sometimes offer payday loans for bad credit – instant approval.

Alternatively, if you would simply prefer a credit check didn’t appear on your credit history, we can work with you there too. We do offer personal loans online, instant approval, no credit check.

In conclusion, we love helping out Australians, but we do take our standards as a responsible lender seriously. If you aren’t sure that you can easily make repayments you can read our warning against borrowing here.

Just to clarify, to be able to make an approval decision fast, we will need some information from you. First we will ask you to verify your legal identity and regular income in order to process any cash loans online, and then 90 days worth of bank statements will be required with your application. But don’t worry, this is done with an online verification system.

This is another great time saver. You don’t need to worry about downloading and attaching bank statement PDFs. Instead, this is all done online in seconds via your Netbank! The process includes a prompt to allow us read-only access your bank statements for the last 90 days. And there’s nothing to be concerned about, this is all completely private and secure. This permission does not allow us access to your banks accounts, or to save or see your Netbank login details.

Is a Cash Today loan right for me?

There are lots of details to consider whenever you are deciding between different lending options. Only you can decide if a Cash Today loan is the right choice. Our hope is that by offering a simple fee structure with clear terms and conditions, we can assist you in being able to make the best well informed decision possible.

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