Opted for Harry and Hermione once they utilized a period of time Turner, and also to the Shrieking Shack

Opted for Harry and Hermione once they utilized a period of time Turner, and also to the Shrieking Shack

Opted for Harry and Hermione once they utilized a period of time Turner, and also to the Shrieking Shack

Hogsmead: went (snuck in) Christmas vacation: remained due to Yule Ball Other: basically understands she is fully homosexual possesses a crush on Hermione, she was actually extremely against it

First 12 months arranged into: Gryffindor Best topic: Flying specialty matter: traveling specialty teacher: McGonagall Worst subject matter: Potions minimum best subject matter: Potions minimum preferred teacher: Snape and Quirrel Quidditch: did not perform Friends: Golden trio, Maryann McClarence, Theo Graves, Spencer forest, and acquaintances with Draco Malfoy Christmas time vacation: stayed at Hogwarts, nothing unique occurred along with her. Additional: opted for the Golden Trio to save the rock and stayed behind with Hermione and Ron while Harry fought You-Know-Who. Second year ideal subject: DADA ideal matter: appeal specialty teacher: McGonagall Worst matter: Potions minimum preferred topic: DADA Least favored teacher: Lockhart and Snape Quidditch: Chaser buddies: Golden trio, Maryann McClarence, Theo Graves, Spencer forests, Ollie McClarence, and acquaintances with Draco Malfoy Christmas vacation: stayed in again Some other: sort of started to concern her sexuality (way more understood she was not operating like a ‘typical 12 yr old woman’ whenever all her female pals discussed their own crushes on kids).

Third season optional subject areas: Astronomy, COMC, Muggle researches better subject matter: DADA preferred subject: DADA ideal instructor: Lupin evil subject matter: Potions Least preferred matter: Potions minimum favorite teacher: Snape Quidditch: Chaser company: Golden trio, Maryann McClarence, Theo Graves, Spencer forests, Ollie McClarence and formally turned into family with Draco Malfoy Hogsmead: sneaked in with Harry since she failed to see permission Christmas time vacation: stayed in Other: totally concerns this lady sex as she begins experience different things about Hermione (did not really understand them, nevertheless). Discovered Lupin is her jesus dad and had numerous mixed emotions about Sirius Ebony getting Harry’s jesus daddy. Fourth-year Best subject: DADA specialty subject: Astronomy Favorite teacher: Moody and McGonagall Worst subject: Potions Least favorite subject: Potions Least favorite teacher: fcn chat dating Snape Quidditch: did not happen that year Friends: Golden trio (but her friendship with Ron becomes strained), Maryann McClarence, Theo Graves, Spencer Woods, Ollie McClarence and developed relationship with Draco Malfoy.

Their earlier buddy Ollie was in the tournament other than Cedric, and she died, resulting in Mary resenting Julia

Maryann and her commonly pals at the conclusion of the year, however. She realized she ended up being added for the reason that a ‘curse/spell’ apply the two of them before these people were created (to allow Harry to officially die, she must die. This lady mark symbolized certainly this lady ‘lives’ becoming taken away, she have three of them until she formally died). She managed to make it towards the end of the maze and someone else of the girl everyday lives are eliminated, creating another tally-mark-like scar appearing on her behalf wrist.

Julia decided to go to the Yule basketball with Draco generating Harry angry with her for some time. Fifth 12 months ideal topic: Astronomy preferred matter: Transfiguration Favorite instructor: McGonagall Worst subject matter: DADA and Potions minimum favored topic: DADA Least favorite instructor: Umbridge and Snape Quidditch: was actually a chaser, but taken regarding the personnel by Umbridge with the woman brother and Weasley twins. Pals: Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley (but it’s approaching the point whereby they aren’t good family), Theo Graves, Spencer forest, Draco Malfoy (they’re best friends but don’t talking facing Golden Trio), and Maryann McClarence (they can be friendship is actually healing as they run it) Hogsmead: sneaks in Christmas time trip: remains more: not against their sex any longer and allows by herself (and thinks she is crazy about Hermione because the lady crush has just developed).

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