Knowledge Base – Secret Functions Clinometer On iOS And Android Phones You May Not Know Exist | Revealed.

Knowledge Base – Secret Functions Clinometer On iOS And Android Phones You May Not Know Exist | Revealed.

An alpha angle, on the other hand, helps you determine if you’re in a safe location, far enough below a run-out zone, should a slope slide. This angle is calculated with a line-of-sight measurement from the bottom of a slope to its highest possible start zone—the lower the number, the farther you are from the run-out zone. Appropriate alpha angles vary based on the snowpacks of different climates, but an angle lower than 18 degrees is generally considered safe. A profile measurement—helpful when approaching a slope—can be taken by sighting said slope from the side.

Often obstacles such as shrubs, rocks, or fallen trees can obscure the tree base from view. In this case, you will need to measure the angle to a mark on the trunk that is a known height from the ground Clinometer download for android mobile apk. One method, shown in the illustration below, is to have someone stand at the base of the tree and measure the angle to the top of their head .

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All angles are given in degrees, followed by a ‘+’ or ‘-‘ sign to indicate an upward or downward slope. Thus, the described embodiment of the invention provides an inexpensive apparatus which can be used as a clinometer, or, if different calibration circuitry is used, as an accelerometer. Essentially continuously variable outputs are provided corresponding to as much as about ±178 degrees of variation in the orientation of the clinometer, depending on the calibration of the device.

The total area that it calculates are given in plenty of units such as square feet, acres, hectares, meters, square meters, square miles, miles, and square miles, etc. Marea – Measure Anything on a Map also lets you measure the distance between two points efficiently. It should take in notice that Marea – Map Area Calculator app does not replace the need for an accurate professional survey as well. Marea – Measure Anything on a Map tries it best to measure any of your desired area with ultima precision. Walking downhill from a tree to measure height increases the possibility of mistaking a side branch for the top, thus overestimating the tree’s height. In a pinch, it may be necessary to walk either uphill from the tree or downhill from the tree.

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If it does not, adjust the small nail holding the plumb-line. When the string indicates 0�, your clinometer is ready to use. Each of the various methods is fully explained and illustrated in the following sections, except for the method to use with levelling devices .

  • You do not need to look through the small hole near the center of the protractor.
  • The two shorter sides of a triangle are always the same length.
  • Topographic maps derived from the evaluation of aerial photographs are reasonably accurate.
  • You will realize the importance of it if you have to refer to your compass and map in the night.
  • 12A is a diagram of another embodiment of the invention in which the relative location of the resistor and conductor are reversed from the arrangement shown in FIG.

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